By supporting Us in a Bus, you are helping us to improve the lives of people who have profound learning disabilities and complex needs. Together we can make a real difference, affecting the way in which society views people who are often marginalised and isolated, as we support them to be heard and valued.

The power of touch

Most people take communication for granted, a chat with a friend, exchanging a greeting with a neighbour, sharing a joke…countless exchanges which help us to feel part of the world, with a powerful sense of being connected to others.

People with profound learning disabilities and complex needs face a very different reality, one where there is often no one who understands what they want to express. This leads to isolation as a person journeys through life very much locked in their ‘inner world’, the rest of the world being a confusing and often, inaccessible place.

Us in a Bus seeks to bridge this gap. We provide opportunities for the people we support to be heard and valued, aiming to convey the message ‘you are good to be with’. Since 1990 we have been using the intuitive practice of Intensive Interaction to build lines of communication and connection; as trust and relationships build, the resulting engagement improves emotional well-being and reduces loneliness.


Us in a Bus are passionate about delivering these services.  Through our Interactive Sessions and projects like The Bus Stop, we ensure that people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs, have the opportunity to participate in activities that are tailored to their needs. Our registered charity (Registered Number 1088570), has become widely known and respected for its unique and specialist services, for which there is growing demand. However, we rely upon the generosity of individuals, community groups, businesses, charitable trusts and grant making foundations, to continue running these vital services.

We hope that you will consider supporting us in some way, however small, and that you will help us to reach even more people, by making others aware of our work connecting lives.


With your support, we can continue to improve the wellbeing of some of the most isolated people in society

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