By supporting Us in a Bus, you can really make a difference. You can change the lives of people who have profound learning disabilities and complex needs. You can help improve the lives of their parents, carers, siblings and extended families. You can help change the way in which society treats those with profound learning disabilities.

Most people take communication for granted, a heart-to-heart with a friend, a conversation with someone they meet in the supermarket or sharing a joke with a sibling. People with profound learning disabilities and complex needs face a very different world, where there is often no-one who understands what they trying to say, no-one patient enough to listen or sensitive enough to see these things as important. Us in a Bus seeks to bridge this gap and provide opportunities for communication and connection in which people can engage; developing their self-expression and building their confidence whilst having fun! Conversation, communication and play are quite simply essential to our emotional well-being and these experiences are ones which we all use to develop the huge range of skills required to participate fully in the world.

Us in a Bus are passionate about delivering services for any person with profound learning disabilities and complex needs. Through our Interactive Sessions and projects like The Bus Stop we ensure that local people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs have the opportunity to participate in activities that are tailored to their needs, where they can be listened to, be heard and have fun. Us in a Bus is a local charity (Registered Number 1088570) with a national reach that has become known over the last 25 years for its unique and specialist services. There is a growing demand for our services, however we cannot do this on our own and rely on the generosity and support of individuals, community groups, business and charitable trusts and grant making foundations to enable us to continue running these vital services.

If you would like to help please Donate below, email or call us for a chat on 01737 764774