Raising money for your favourite charity is a fantastic way to build morale and team spirit at work. All it takes is one or two enthusiastic individuals and the energy soon spreads!

Corporate partners not only give financial support with their charitable donations, but also encourage their employees to get actively involved in fundraising, for example, by volunteering to help in our office, staffing our stand at the Brighton Marathon or choosing Us in a Bus as their charity of the year. Why not think about sponsoring one of our events or projects? You might like to hold a corporate day and invite us along to talk to your staff? We regularly give presentations on the work of Us in a Bus and can show you a video of the people we support. There are lots of benefits to supporting a charity. Working with Renée our Business Development Manager, you could:

  • Help to contribute to raising the £100,000 a year we need to keep our services running
  • Meet your CSR responsibilities by supporting a unique local charity working with some of the most isolated and forgotten people in our community
  • Visit us to see how your funds make a difference
  • Run a tailored PR campaign to demonstrate how your support is making a difference in the local community
  • Team build by taking part in a corporate event or volunteering

You can raise money in any way you like, below are a few of our favourite ideas to get you started… Bake Off We’re very fond of a slice of cake! Have you got any budding Mary Berrys or Paul Hollywoods? Why not get the team to get baking and hold a Bake-Off with tasting and judging for the whole office to enjoy! Every £10 donated goes toward a 1 hour session where 2 of our skilled Interaction Practitioners can connect with someone with a profound learning disability who may be lonely and confused. Vintage Treasure Hunts Ever get nostalgic about mystery solving? The Famous Five, Scooby Doo and Sherlock Holmes always seemed to track the clues and find the baddy… how about organising a treasure hunt around your building or town, wind up the teams, get dressed up, raise some money for Us in a Bus and watch your colleagues finding every which way to that all important finish line! Corporate Hospitality If you’re networking with existing clients or meeting new ones by organising corporate hospitality events – think of us! Hold a raffle or caption competition in aid of Us in a Bus, supporting a local charity as well as pursuing new business opportunities – now that’s connecting lives! If you are thinking about organising an event and would like any help, just give Renée a call on 01737 764774 or email renee.canter@usianbus.org.uk