We work with a range of Charitable Trusts, Foundations and Grant-Making bodies to raise funds towards our on-going work and projects each year. This allows us to develop our services and cater for future needs.

Over the years, various Trusts have helped us provide a number of successful projects. Donations made through grant-making Trusts are incredibly important to our larger projects, which require greater sums to complete. Successful fundraising appeals helped by Trust donations include:

  • The Bus Stop a project for young people with profound learning disabilities which gives them the opportunity to meet every week in a community centre and develop their sociability skills with our team and each other. Our pilot project was successfully developed and delivered in 2012 and since then we have delivered a further 48 weeks of sessions during 2013-14 for 5-6 young adults and received funding to be able to continue during 2015.
  • 2 new vans which enable our Teams to get out to deliver Interactive Sessions all over Surrey and Greater London.
  • Running costs or salaries for our Interaction Practitioner Teams visiting and connecting with 200 people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs who benefit from their skills in engaging them in opportunities to explore how they can express themselves, make themselves heard and feel more confident.

Grants from Trusts and foundations can range from £100 to £50,000 or more. Trusts may decide to fund a whole project for us, or they may pay for a specific piece of equipment, member of staff or piece of work. In all cases, the gift is of huge benefit to all people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs who rely on Us in a Bus. We have opportunities for funders of all sizes and would be pleased to discuss our ongoing work and current priorities with you. We are always happy to meet with trust representatives and show them our work in action, and to offer recognition for any gifts given. Please call Us in a Bus on 01737 764774 or email admin@usinabus.org.uk