At Us in a Bus, it is always our goal to deliver truly person-centred care, designed around a person’s needs and Covid-19 doesn’t change that. But it does make it more challenging and we are working harder to ensure the well-being of the people we visit and our practitioners. 

We are delighted to say that Us in a Bus has resumed services to some of the places we visit and we are adhering to additional measures to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the Covid-19 infection is controlled. We want to deliver services that are meaningful, creative and valued – but we must reflect the new working environment and make our visits safe and considered ones.

As professionals within our field we consider ourselves an essential service and as such we continue to work throughout any lockdown situations. 


The additional practices we have put in place include:

  • Weather, space and health permitting, sessions will take place outside.
  • We will avoid physical contact at all times and will plan the environment to minimise any sense of rejection.
  • We will maintain our distance (both with those in session and home teams) within current guidelines, in such a way that remains respectful and offers as much joint focus and shared time as possible.
  • Our use of equipment will be minimal, and where used will be person-specific, sanitised and stored as such. 
  • We will take and record our temperature before entering your premises.
  • We will wear facemasks and gloves and wash our hands/sanitise our hands frequently within sessions. We will comply with any additional requirements asked for at each premises we visit, including aprons and shields. 
  • Sessions will generally be with one practitioner only and one individual only. Homes are requested to have a team member nearby. 

For this period of time we are only charging for sessions that take place rather than our standard Term payment that has some unavailability factored in. We are offering a 25% discount to anyone who signs up for a second weekly session from us.

We do still have availability for additional sessions and would be pleased to hear from you, so please do get in touch either through or

Read below a snapshot of a recent session from Nancy, one of our Practitioners:

“Kevin seems so relaxed. We’ve shared some great focused eye contact, much more than usual, and he’s taken to tapping one hand on the other. I respond by tapping my hand in time to his, singing a clapping song that quickens, slows, stops and starts in time to his movements.

He’s raised his eyebrows a few times….. curious about our synchronised connection perhaps?

I wonder if the mask and visor I’m currently wearing makes me easier to process! No moving mouth to confuse, just eyes full of expression and clapping hands.”

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have been delivering some of our sessions over Zoom, so we can continue the connections and improve the well being of the people we support.

Nancy has described a recent Zoom session with Julia in wonderful detail. You can read it here.

It is possible…… It is different……. It is fun!

We are also delighted to have testimonials from two homes that we visit: