One of the big challenges facing people with profound learning disabilities or autism, living in the community, is finding a way to be part of that community.

The community can be unpredictable and unnerving if you have difficulties processing sensory input. Most of the simple things like going to a café or visiting a sports centre can be overwhelming and could tip someone into such a state of sensory confusion that all pleasure from the activity is gone.

The Bus Stop invites people to meet each week in a safe environment in the heart of Redhill.

Our Team build trusting relationships by using Intensive Interaction in a tailored way to support their engagement and connections with others.  In doing this, we aim to make an unpredictable environment more predictable, whilst also gently extending their personal boundaries. The Bus Stop offers a chance for people to ‘find their feet’ out of their safe home environment and the opportunity to become more aware of other people and develop relationships and friendships with people they wouldn’t normally meet.  We see it as a step in the journey towards being able to safely and confidently access the opportunities the community offers all of us.

The Bus Stop is a 60 minute Group Interactive Session in Redhill for adults with profound learning disabilities, complex needs and autism supporting them to explore communication and sociability with our team and with each other.   They would be required to bring their PA/Carer with them and arrange their own transport. If you are interested please contact us on 01737 823310 or email


Christopher’s Mum, Jen said:

“The Bus Stop is a safe haven for people with complex needs to express themselves in the heart of the local community. For my son The Bus Stop has been both empowering and liberating. It is a rare chance to watch intuitive Intensive Interaction practitioners enabling Christopher to feel safe enough to open up and be himself. This has made a huge difference to his life.”