We visit our clients in their homes, once a week, over a period of time that may be just a few months or in some cases five years or more. This commitment gives us all a chance to build relationships as we find out about each other.

Most weekly sessions are shared between a few people who live together. We aim to find out how people express themselves and then work alongside each person to help them develop that self-expression in order to have a greater influence on their own lives and the people around them. This can be a long and subtle process and we aim to make it an enjoyable as well as an empowering one.

So, what actually happens during an Us in a Bus session?

There is no typical session – what happens depends entirely on who the person is and what they feel like that day. What we do know is that there will be two Us in a Bus Interaction Practitioners there (for an hour) and they will introduce themselves in ways that are familiar and reassuring to each person. The Us in a Bus Practitioners will make sure that the activities which are introduced, and any interactions that ensue, are led by the people there. We use a variety of interactive approaches, including Intensive Interaction, to support and develop people’s engagement and involvement. We use a huge range of activities and equipment to explore possibilities with people, encouraging each other’s imagination and sometimes stretching comfort zones along the way.


Case Studies

Thank You

I have accessed Us in a Bus’ services for our people for over 12 years and I have seen people’s confidence and communication skills improve dramatically. This has enabled people with no verbal form of communication, and those who may be tactile defensive, to practice communication that others can understand and to have their wishes or preferences heard, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Michaela Widley, Home Manager, Seeability