Coaching & Mentoring involves Us in a Bus Interaction Practitioners working alongside support staff to run Intensive Interaction sessions for between 3 to 6 months, at the support staff’s workplace.

During that time, the Interaction Practitioners use a mixture of coaching, mentoring and training to help staff develop their own practices and become confident in their use of Intensive Interaction, so that it becomes part of the culture of that unit by the end of the Coaching and Mentoring work.

Trouble Shooting

We provide ongoing support for staff who have been involved in either our Workshops or our Coaching and Mentoring sessions. This is delivered in regular, Intensive Interaction Trouble Shooting meetings, facilitated by an experienced Interaction Practitioner. The meetings encourage staff to reflect on, share, and develop their practices. Staff are also encouraged to gain confidence and experience in ‘passing it on’ to colleagues, ensuring that the culture of Intensive Interaction in their workplace is sustainable. People have found these meetings useful in terms of encouragement and ideas.

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One participant recently said…

“I found the meeting helpful because I have been able to check out that I am understanding Intensive Interaction properly and get feedback. This has helped a lot with developing deeper conversations and interactions with the people I work with”.