Verena originally spent time with Us in a Bus during 2016/2017 to learn more about Intensive Interaction and she enjoyed the experience so much that she decided she wanted to work as an Interaction Practitioner.  So she moved from Germany to England and she joined the Us in a Bus team on 1st August 2018.

Verena loves England a lot and is happy and excited about her future!

Following her studies in Education/Pedagogy in Germany, Verena thoroughly enjoyed working as a therapist in an autism centre. She loves to interact with people and is very interested in communication and all the different forms that exist, feeling that the topic of communication is a wide, open and varied one. She likes the different experiences and surprises that arise when working within the field of speech, communication and interaction; the obvious and almost unnoticeable ways humans express themselves, and build strong connections between each other.

It is Verena’s strong belief that when a trusting relationship has been formed, self expression can be uncovered, however diverse and initially unobvious.

Verena loves to spend time with her friends and family. Her interests include dancing (Salsa & Bachata), hiking, skating, new experiences and sharing humorous, silly moments!


Us in a Bus
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