NAC (Non-Verbal Affective Care) is a registered Community Interest Company, operating on a not-for-profit basis from the UK and accessible from anywhere in the world where there is internet connection. They are dedicated to the emotional and mental well-being of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities. They produce guidance on tools, strategies, approaches, practices and activities that can be used to create emotionally enriching experiences and that do not rely on speech and language.

Anne Laney, Practice Manager at Us in a Bus and Janet Gurney, Associate Trainer for Us in a Bus have collaborated to produce a wonderful article for NAC.  They have written about how to use Intensive Interaction to re-frame shared time for those we support to create more fulfilling interactions.

Active Listening

Being listened to by someone who really seems to want to hear what I want to say makes me feel good. I feel recognised, valued, respected, included and cared for. Apart from the sense that what I am saying is heard and understood, it helps me explore connections with others and learn more about myself. In fact, being listened to is pretty important to my sense of self.

But what if a profound or complex learning disability prevented me from knowing that anyone was listening, or made it hard for others to listen to me? I would need the people around me to become very aware of their listening skills and how to adapt them to let me know I am being heard, recognised, valued and respected in the way that most of us take for granted.

This guidance shows you how to use Intensive Interaction to re-frame shared time for mutually pleasurable and appropriately focused engagement that is not task focused and recognises that it is us who need to adjust to create more fulfilling interactions ….

Read the full article here

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Marilyn Anderson

8 Dec 2020

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