Our first Zoomed ‘Introduction to Intensive Interaction’ workshop was very well received last week. Comments from participants included: 

“I thought the trainer was excellent. Really appreciated how Janet just got on with the training. All the time was used to the max. Lots of short breaks really helped. Going to different ‘rooms’ was excellent too. No time wasting or faffing about. Practical, warm and brilliant at imparting knowledge. Excellent facilitation skills. A sunny day very well spent indoors! I don’t say that lightly!!” 

“Thanks again to Janet for an absolutely amazing workshop! I learned so much! I use intensive interaction every-day and have listened to Janet speak before but this was an in-depth session in which we really explore II in more depth. Janet is so passionate about II and presents the information in an accessible but interesting way.”

So, on the basis of that, we’re offering the workshop again at the same knockdown Lockdown price – £25 per person, free to family carers. At the moment, Us in a Bus can’t visit the people we usually interact with every week. We want to be able to offer something to support some of the people who are bearing the brunt of Lockdown. We won’t be able to offer our workshops at these prices long-term, so to book your place please complete the booking form which can be found [here] and email it to info@usinabus.org.uk and join us on either Saturday 20th June or Wednesday 1st July if you can. 

Published by

Marilyn Anderson

9 Jun 2020

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