Tiw joined Us in a Bus, initially as a sessional worker, in October 2005 which led to him becoming a full time member of the team the following Summer. Tiw particularly loves the creativity, with which he can approach his work – describing the opportunities to show the person he is working with “you are good to be with”, as one of the best aspects of his role.

Following studying History, Tiw developed a strong interest in military history and enjoys exploring museums, battlefields and castles; he has even participated in battle re-enactments, on horseback! Tiw is a trained actor and riding instructor. Singing and playing the piano are among Tiw’s other passions; along with a love of vegan curries, acquiring random facts and delivering (good) bad jokes!

Tiw believes in justice, fairness and compassion, living and promoting these values at every opportunity.

Us in a Bus
Us in a Bus is a Registered Charity (number 1088570). We depend entirely upon income generated from providing sessions with clients, training and consultancy fees and the generosity of individuals and grant giving organisations to continue to deliver our work.
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