The Power of Synchronicity

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Good to hear on the news yesterday that there is research that fully backs up what many of us have been doing and believing for at least the last quarter century!

The research says that when parents are supported to interact with their children in an intensive way during play, there is a “sustained reduction in restrictive and repetitive behaviours accompanied by a reduced anxiety”.  You can see a film clip on the BBC’s News Page where Tracey Sawyer-Copus talks about the joy of improved communication with her son.

Significantly for us, the research, published in The Lancet states that “parental synchronous response” was what parents were being supported to do more of.  That sounds very like what Geraint Ephraim was telling us in the mid 1980’s when he spoke about “Augmented Mothering” – when a parent / carer / teacher / supporter bases their interactive approach on chiming in with what their person (whatever age) is doing, the fundamental building blocks of communication are laid down.  And this ‘synchronicity’ has been the bedrock of our approach at Us in a Bus – and for so many other people inspired by Phoebe Caldwell, Melanie Nind, Dave Hewett et al.

Can’t help but be a little miffed that Intensive Interaction doesn’t get a mention in this research, but we think we can all find ways of using it to flag up the power of what we already know works so well.

Janet Gurney and Janice Murrells.

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Us in a Bus

27 Oct 2016

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