The F Factor

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Renée Canter, our Business Development Manager, went to speak to the members of the Reigate Flower Club this month as their President, Linda Travis, has chosen Us in a Bus as their Charity of the Year.

But it’s not the first time that Linda has supported our work, Last year her and her husband had an Open Garden to raise funds for us and our relationship with the Travis family goes back nearly 15 years as their daughter Joanna has been part of an Interactive Session with us for all that time.

The demonstration to the members that night was called “The F-Factor” by Tricia Bashford and included the creation of nearly a dozen displays that focused on themes such as fabric, foilage, fashion and of course flowers.  Over 100 members watch as Tricia worked so quickly to produce an array of displays that were raffled off at the end of the meeting.  You can find out more about Reigate Flower Club here.

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30 Jun 2014

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