Russell Clark graduated with a degree in fine art in Exeter, before working for several years as a Residential Support Worker in homes for children and later, adults with autism. Russell joined Us in a Bus as a part-time Interaction Practitioner in June 2012, then was full time for a couple of years until he became a father in July 2017 when he returned to part time hours to help look after his son.

As well as Intensive Interaction, Russell takes a particular interest in the sensory needs of the people we visit. He is trained in HANDLE (Holistic Approach to Neuro-Development and Learning Efficiency).  He combines his knowledge of sensory processing and Intensive Interaction to support the people we visit to feel safe, comfortable and engaged so they are better able to focus on and enjoy their sessions with us.

Russell enjoys cycling, running and walking in nature. He loves singing and listening to music, particularly Gospel, World Music and Jazz which he occasionally DJ’s. He enjoys reading, drawing, painting, writing poetry and attends a weekly Aikido class. Every Friday he enjoys quality time with his son, Theo, attending a play group and giving his partner, Philippa, a day off.


Us in a Bus
Us in a Bus is a Registered Charity (number 1088570). We depend entirely upon income generated from providing sessions with clients, training and consultancy fees and the generosity of individuals and grant giving organisations to continue to deliver our work.
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