Our small charity depends upon our 4 vans, which enable our practitioners and their equipment to travel across Surrey and the surrounding areas to support around 200 profoundly disabled people every week.

The people we support are largely non-verbal and most live in care homes due to their complex needs and profound disabilities. The hour we spend with each person, is an opportunity for them to feel heard, valued and to receive the message ‘you are good to be with’. 

Last week, one of our vans was stolen, stripped bare and completely burnt out. Our vans are very clearly signed to inform people that we deliver services to people who have ‘profound learning disabilities and complex needs’. We found it hard to believe that anyone could be so callous.

our van had been stripped bare and completely burnt out

We have launched a crowdfunder, which we hope will help us to recover the costs of this incident and minimise the impact on the people we support.

You can donate to the crowdfunder using the link below, where you can also read more about the financial impact to the charity and why we need to raise these funds, while the lengthy insurance process is underway.

Every penny counts, no amount is too small.

We are so grateful for the support of friends old and new during this past week, it really has made such a difference to us at this challenging time.

Thank you from the whole team at Us in a Bus


Published by

Marilyn Anderson

13 Sep 2019

Linking Lives

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