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Us in a Bus would like to thank everyone who joined them at their “Intensive Interaction and Emotional Wellbeing” conference held on 2 December.
The whole team ended the day feeling buoyed up by the interest and enthusiasm people had shown in our work, as well as inspired and informed by our speakers. And your evaluation forms very clearly tell us that you all felt something similar!

Thank you for being so willing to enter into the discussions during the workshops and in breaks – there was a tangible sense of common purpose throughout the whole conference. The theme of focusing on well-being rather than doing didn’t mean that the conference didn’t lead to actions; it’s been a pleasure to hear people’s plans and ideas that the day engendered.

If, for you, those plans include getting more people on-board with the concept of Intensive Interaction, you might like to pass on to them our dates for our ‘open to all’ Introduction to intensive Interaction workshops for 2016. If you want to know more about the in-house workshops we can provide, or our coaching/mentoring input, please get in touch to discuss what you need.


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7 Jan 2016

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