Our First Friend Signs Up!

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Friends of Us in a Bus are so important to us and it is due, in part, to their donations and fundraising that we are able to continue to provide our unique services for people who can seem to be ‘difficult to reach’.

Our recently launched ‘Friends’ group, for individuals and couples, and ‘Corporate Friends’ group, for businesses, are just starting to get noticed and we are delighted to share with you a lovely photo of our very first Friend! We are sure that many of you will recognize her, as it is the well-known Marianne Hecker, a former Trustee and co-founder of Us in a Bus.

Marianne told us “Now that I have retired I have more time on my hands and that’s when I discovered Us in a Bus’ recently launched Friends group on their website. It’s such a worthwhile charity and I’m so pleased to be able to continue to support them. It was a big surprise when I received an Us in a Bus polo shirt embroidered with ‘Marianne – First Friend’. Thank you Us in a Bus and I am honoured to be your First Friend!”

Us in a Bus works with over 215 people each week who have profound learning disabilities and complex needs, all of who find communication a huge challenge. With your help we can help to create opportunities for people to fully express themselves and lead more enriched lives.

Details of both groups and how you can join can be found on our website under the ‘You Can Help’ menu.

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1 Aug 2017

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