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18 months ago we had a hunch that our name and logo didn’t reflect our services and values anymore and we began a process of conducting research with our staff, customers, friends and partners to understand if this was true.  The overwhelming answer was that the name Us in a Bus was well-known, well-loved and after nearly 25 years should remain.  But it was felt that the organisation would benefit from the logo and image being updated.  So we have spent time over the last 7 months working with some very kind experts (who have given their time and skills for free) to create a new logo, look, website and materials for us.

We are now proud to launch that new look.  Although we feel it reflects our work better, our team and the support we give will still carry on exactly the same.  We love the new logo and feel it focuses more on “Us” – our people, our supporters and ourselves – and is a stronger representation of the work we do with the overlapping colours illustrating the connections and interactions of the services we provide.  We hope that you too feel it better represents the work that we do and grow to like it as much as we do.

We need to say a huge thank you to our wonderful volunteer Marilyn and the team at Think!Creative for continuing to guide us through this process and for designing our new look! Their work continues into 2015 as they are developing a new website for us.

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8 Dec 2014

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