Dr Phoebe Caldwell, Honorary President of Us in a Bus, has inspired many people and changed many lives over the last 40 years. Her understanding of the challenges faced by people with autism runs deep. She has shared her research, practice and experience through her writing, trainings and the literally thousands of hours she has spent with adults and children who are struggling to find a way through the sensory maelstrom that can accompany autism. Now you can watch and listen to Phoebe in conversation with Janet Gurney, Us in a Bus’s Director of Training here  (then scroll down to the bottom of the Caldwell Autism Foundation page for the connection to the film index).

The film was commissioned by The Caldwell Autism Foundation set up to promote Phoebe’s approach and bring her expertise to as wide an audience as possible. In bite-size sections, the film explores issues of sensory processing, emotional overload and control. Phoebe and Janet explore ways of understanding the challenges that people with autism face and how, with sensitivity and imagination we can all help to reduce the anxiety they experience. The films look at how we can use Intensive Interaction  to engage and build meaningful connections with people whose autism and learning disability make communication difficult.  Read more about Intensive Interaction here.

Janet says, “Phoebe’s work has been a huge influence on me and on the way Us in a Bus has developed over the years. I first worked alongside Phoebe 17 years ago – and I am still learning from her. I have to admit feeling some trepidation when Rorie Fulton asked me if I would interview Phoebe for this film, but it turned into a joyful experience, as interview morphed into conversation, discovery, disagreement and occasional hilarity.  I hope that viewers can share in that process.”

One viewer (Jessie Hewitson, staff writer at The Times and author of a book due to be published by Orion Books called Autism: How to Raise a Happy Autistic Child) has already said:

“I think it’s the best explanation of sensory processing disorder I’ve come across – I really feel like I understand better what my son is experiencing having watched it. Thank you!”

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Us in a Bus

5 Sep 2017

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