As we come to the end of the International Intensive Interaction week we thought it would be fitting to end with the sounds and voices of the people we support and who we interact with on a daily basis.  These were recorded by us with their permission.

The Soundscape is in 3 sections and it took 12 months to create.  Throughout the process the team of Us in a Bus Practitioners kept focused on one guiding principle – that it must be true to the individuals involved and their vocalizations must remain as they intended them, without any manipulation. The result is an incredible collage of their voices and sounds that holds the individuals at its centre, following their emotional context at all times to create a sense of unity and continuity. It is a snapshot of their lives, in their own ‘words’, and is a celebration of their incredible spirit and resilience.

‘A Soundscape Untitled’ was created by Us in a Bus Interaction Practitioners Rich Myles, Marina Jurjevic, Russell Clark, Anne Laney and Tiw Raegening.  To celebrate International Intensive Interaction week Anna Redman has added 3 different soundwave graphics to the audio tracks which move in time to the sounds and voices.  We think you will find these very moving to watch, as well as listen to, as we say thank you to all the wonderful people we are privileged to support.







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Us in a Bus

13 Oct 2017

Linking Lives

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