2016-06-28 11.42.46Jan has been working for Us in a Bus since 1995. As Senior Practitioner she is responsible for managing the Interaction Practitioners along with Steve. She also has responsibility for the quality and development of practice, recruitment and management of Sessional Workers, as well as facilitating Interactive Sessions, Coaching & Mentoring Projects and delivering training.

Jan has a Design Degree and she met Us in a Bus when she was running art and music sessions in a group of homes for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. She also later gained a Diploma in Counselling.

Jan grew up in Germany and The Netherlands before her family returned to England when she was a teenager. She had an Uncle she was close to who had a mild learning disability and she was involved in volunteering from her early teens for learning disability groups.

Jan enjoys Taekwondo, currently holds a 2nd Dan black belt and was an Instructor for 3 years. She also loves music and going to gigs.

Us in a Bus
Us in a Bus is a Registered Charity (number 1088570). We depend entirely upon income generated from providing sessions with clients, training and consultancy fees and the generosity of individuals and grant giving organisations to continue to deliver our work.
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