Us in a Bus’ vision is of a society where people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs have opportunities to communicate and socialise that most of us take for granted.
Almost 30 years of delivering our services has provided us with overwhelming evidence that Intensive Interaction is a highly effective way to create meaningful connections to really make a difference to people’s wellbeing.

Us in a Bus’ Chief Executive Victoria Goody is very proud of how the whole team embraced International Intensive Interaction Week. “This year’s International Intensive Interaction Week took place from 14th to 20th October and our Practitioners took the opportunity for extra engagement and conversations about Intensive Interaction with staff, carers and families at the 205 people we visit every week.  Using our social media channels we were able to share many of these encouraging conversations about the benefits of Intensive Interaction and the impact it has had on the people we support.”

You will find all the relevant resources for International Intensive Interaction Week 2019 under the Resources menu on our website.

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Marilyn Anderson

22 Oct 2019

Linking Lives

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