We know how tough the last couple of months might have been for front-line staff in Care Homes and for the people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs who live there. One of the things we can continue to offer, even though we can’t visit, is access to a tried and tested workshop to introduce the theory and practice of Intensive Interaction. With so many opportunities for activities and outings not possible at the moment, Intensive Interaction is a great way to maintain people’s interest in the social world. 

Join Janet Gurney, our Director of Training, on 2nd June to find out how to use Intensive Interaction to strengthen relationships, develop communication and to have fun with the people you support. The workshop will run from 9.30am to 3pm and as long as you have downloaded Zoom (free) on your laptop or phone you will be able to join in.

In these special circumstances, we are offering this workshop for £25 for support workers and free for family carers. If you would like to book a place please email Janet at Janet.gurney@usinabus.org.uk.

Janet’s workshops have a habit of inspiring change and hope – and we could all do with a dose of that right now!

Published by

Marilyn Anderson

22 May 2020

Linking Lives

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