It’s finally Summer here at North Block and we’ve been enjoying the lovely balmy days at the Aerodrome.  We’re in the process of securing and extending our lease, which we’re really excited about as it means we can finally do some upgrade work.  We’ve already renovated the Board Room – which we’ve chosen to call ‘The Ian Campbell Room’ after a generous legacy from a person who we once supported.  We are very happy to share this room with other organisations  – for £75 for a full day, or £45 for a half day.  If you’d like to use it, please get in touch with

We’re now going to turn our attention to the ‘Fire Exit’ Room, which we hope one day to welcome some of the people we support into for quarterly events.  We’re always looking for handy helpers – if you are good with a power tool, please get in touch!

We’re in the process of putting together some new practice-based videos, which we’re designing for professional, lay people and families alike.  We’re also delighted to have Aaron, a film-maker on board who has offered to make us a professional promotional video.

Our most exciting news is that we’re in the middle of finalising all the details for our Annual Fundraiser. Jen, who is the mother of one of the people we support (and also a new Trustee), has always wanted to complete a Fire Walk, so with her as inspiration we’re really excited about launching our FIRE WALK FUNDRAISER facilitated by PlanIt Firewalking (who manage the event and all the Health and Safety) at The Tree on Box Hill, Surrey on October 28th.  Playing us into the night are the award winning band Redlands, and we’re really grateful for their support.

We will be offering the other 39 places to our Friends and supporters so if you are keen, get in touch and we’ll reserve you a place, and when the paperwork is finalised, we’ll send it through. We’re also going to offer ‘Party Tickets’ for people who want to come and watch, and support our work but don’t want to do the FireWalk themselves (such as me)!

We have a new social media stream – look us up on Instagram for pictures and videos. We’d love to hear from you!


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Us in a Bus

25 Jul 2017

Linking Lives

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