We are delighted to be able to offer another opportunity to be part of  one of Janet Gurney’s Zoomed Introduction to Intensive Interaction workshops, at the low prices Us in a Bus has maintained throughout this Covid-19 Lockdown. We’re offering the workshop again at £25 per person and free to parents/family carers.

Family carers, front-line care staff, Speech and Language Therapists, teachers and teaching assistants have taken part in the on-line workshops over the last couple of months and have commented how interactive Janet manages to make the experience – despite being the other side of a computer screen!

Last week, a class teacher emailed to say:

“I thought the training day was brilliant. I feel much more confident to encourage my class team to be led by the child and not feel constrained by ‘copying’!”

A mother wrote,

“I thought the trainer was excellent and inspiring – I learnt so much that I can use to support my daughter”

Us in a Bus will probably not be able to afford these Lockdown Knockdown rates again, so please book now to grab one of the 15 places left on the 19th August Workshop. To book your place please complete the booking form which can be found [here] and email it to Janet.gurney@usinabus.org.uk.

Published by

Marilyn Anderson

9 Jul 2020

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