Our Team

We come from a variety of backgrounds. Most of us have worked as support staff in residential settings at some point in our careers, which gives us a useful perspective when we are visiting our clients in their homes.

Some of us have backgrounds in the creative arts (we have actors, artists and musicians amongst us!). Two part-time members of the team are qualified counselors, and although they don’t work with Us in a Bus as counselors, their skills and knowledge help inform the team. Others come from a background of working with children in special educational settings. What each of us has is the willingness to try to see the world from our clients’ viewpoint – the challenges they meet, not the ‘problems’ they present. We all have the ability to be creative with communication and imaginative with activities, whilst making sure we are observing and respecting our clients’ responses.

Board of Trustees

As a Registered Charity, Us in a Bus is required to have a Board of Trustees to ensure we comply with our objectives and charity regulations.

But more than that, we use our Trustees as a sounding board, critical friends and to utilise their specific skills and knowledge. The day to day running of the organisation is the responsibility of the Chief Executive and the Management Team, but they provide regular reports to the Trustees to allow them to best monitor performance, provide clear strategic direction and also to protect the good name and values of Us in a Bus. Our Trustees question, probe, advise and, if required, challenge the Management Team to ensure the best outcome for the organisation.

We are currently recruiting for  new Trustees to join the Board. If you are interested in finding out more please go to the Work With Us page for details.

Our Management Team

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Meet our Team

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Marilyn Anderson, Marketing Volunteer