In 1990 Us in a Bus was set up by Scope to provide leisure and communication opportunities for adults with profound learning disabilities in four long stay hospitals in Surrey.

Marianne and Janet visited hospital wards housing around 40 people each who would share an hour long Interactive Session once a week and for whom our session might have been the only opportunity for any sort of social interaction. During the 20th Century large numbers of people with learning disabilities were moved into long stay hospitals in Surrey from all over the country.  This movement has increased the proportion of people with a learning disability in the general population of the county and as a rough estimate Surrey has approximately 34% more adults requiring supported care than the UK average. For three years Scope managed the Us in a Bus project and then in 1993 Us in a Bus became a Registered Charity in its own right. With the advent of care in the community we followed our clients, moved our work from hospitals and started visiting people in the care homes they had been moved to. This meant that there were fewer people per session and allowed for a more focused approach. Us in a Bus now enables the social interaction of around 200 people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs each week including 20 who we first met in 1990.

In 2015 we celebrated 25 years of working with people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs and two original team members are still with us: Janet Gurney is our Director of Training and Marianne Hecker is one of our Trustees.